Disabled Children Charity.

Disabled children must be given every opportunity as  everyone else.
Enabling them and helping disabled children to grow their independence and enhance life & social skills.

Our aim is to help disabled children grow to their potential. We help carers, and want to do more for them to reduce carer strain and  breakdown.

How You Can Get Involved

We are Looking for people to join our board, and take the charity to the next level. Bring new ideas fresh input. We have done what we could as small charity. Just need more people to help.

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Donations Monthly from little as £1

 Your donations will help towards disabled children to achieve their full potential by purchasing equipment and adaptations.
The charity’s running costs are covered by ourselves. Your donation small or big makes a big difference to a child, so donations received goes directly to the disable children cause.


Disabled people living in poverty are many of the most stigmatised and marginalised human beings in the world. They often live in isolation and are excluded from their communities, from the training device, from healthcare and different crucial services. Sometimes, they’re even hidden away by way of their households. Many disabled girls and kids face a heightened danger of home and sexual violence.

What reasons the for this?

Disability inequality is a complex problem that calls for pressing motion on more than one fronts.

Disability stigma is found in each society, however in parts of Africa and Asia it is able to be specifically oppressive. In areas where research and technology aren’t to be had, people don’t have understand or explanations for disability and that could lead to dangerous misconceptions about disability to form.

Myths consisting of having intercourse with a disabled female can remedy HIV, or a mental breakdown episode is as a result of evil spirits, can lead groups to hitch stigma on to disabled human beings.

Disability and Poverty.

Disability and poverty fuel each other in a cycle of worry and deprivation which is tough to escape.

People living in poverty regularly stay in conditions which significantly increase the probabilities of being disabled with the aid of malnutrition, sickness or damage.

Disabled humans are more likely to stay trapped in poverty as they face more than one barriers to getting access to an schooling, securing a livelihood and fully taking part in society.

Disabled people are often left behind. 

Disabled people living in poverty are frequently the last to benefit from the very programmes designed to reduce poverty. Without particular attention, and often stripped of enterprises, disabled people were left behind and more often remain disproportionately at risk to further extreme chronic poverty.

Enabling destitute disabled children Since 2017

We have waiting list of Disabled Children needing adaptions and wheelchairs



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What We Do

A small charity setup in 2017 to help disabled children around Sylhet region

we are delighted that you are here to participate and share in the success of Disabled Children Fund.

Thank you

Disabled Children Fund is committed to actively raising the quality of life for every Disabled child. We want all poor and the destitute disabled children, regardless of race, creed or circumstance to achieve their full potential. Our task is to make it possible. Our mission is to provide practical life skills and business skills.

Our Mission

“Our Dream in future is opening of our self-sustainable Unique Boarding School, where every disabled children will have the best life chances to be independent. This is only made possible through your donations”.

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Helping A Child To Be Independent So They Too Can Explore, Grow, & Learn

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