About The DCFUNDBD Foundation

My name is Mohammed Eijaz, (aka Kayum). The idea of this charity cause started in 2011.


Our Mission educate and change the culture of Bangladesh regards to Rights and care of disability.

I started with sponsoring a child of 9 years old in 2017, then couple of my friend’s joined me who are both disabled and have disabled children and are experienced in caring for disabled children. They bring first hand experience in understanding the carers needs, the children’s needs.

Henceforth, we collected money from our pockets and started to seek out families who had disabled children and started to help them with adaptions to enable their child’s life to be more independent and to give the carers some respite. Our volunteer Shajahan in Bangladesh, who made this all possible, we decided to involve him as a cofounder in 2020. Thats the story of who we are and how we started.

Our Mission

Enable disabled children in Bangladesh and their parents. Educate and change the culture of Bangladesh regards to the rights and care of disability.

Our Vision

Build disability education and awareness centres, all over in Bangladesh.

Our Story

How We Got Started

In 2011, Mohammed Eijaz a social work student, was on a placement during his Social work placement. “I was initially petrified seeing adults and children with profound multiple disabilities. I had no idea that there were people with so severe multiple disabilities that I was out of my comfort zone”. However, this was moment after working with people with multiple disabilities, that Mohammed Eijaz realised that back home in Bangladesh people, especially children with disabilities, how they were coping, and managing, more importantly the parents (carers). “I think at this moment, I felt that Allah (God) has blessed me with everything and I must do something with my life on this earth and with my knowledge and experience, I must help others who are born with disabilities”

Where We Are Now

We have gained expereince in understanding the needs, difficulty facing, disabled children and their carers. have expereinced first hand, that parents need education on caring for children at the onset of giving birth to a disabled children. the sitgma attached to having a disabled child. A education, awareness and training facilities is essential. Which is a must to set at least a stepping stone for generations to come.

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Enabling Independence & Building adaptions Since 2017

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We’ve Raised over ¬£6,000 to Help Disabled Children in Bangladesh

As you can see we need more money to raise, as we cannot cope with the demands and waiting list for disabled children needing adaptions to make their lives easier and their carers. Pleased help us FundRaise. Contact us for more details via a telephone or face to face chat.

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