As much as possible we want to achieve freedom at its peak. Every human being longs for it – especially those who are confined in their wheelchairs. This is the reason why sports wheelchairs are created.
Engaging in sports not only strengthens your body and improves your agility, it can also boost up your self-confidence. Many are participating in sports in order to overcome shyness and develop camaraderie as well as self-esteem. Everybody needs it that is why everybody should have access to it.
Nowadays, almost every sport has a wheelchair to match it – basketball, hockey, tennis, rugby, skiing, racing – name it, it’s all available in stores. Sports wheelchairs have specially built frames and are designed to handle use in sports. Built frames are designed to withstand impact. Wheelchairs are also made lightweight to be more mobile yet steady. Mobility, stability, dexterity and responsiveness are important factors to consider in choosing a wheelchair. It has to be sleek to be faster and to play harder. In a nutshell, it should have an attitude!
Most new users can only afford one wheelchair for everyday use. If you are interested in playing sports for fun, you may find a rigid lightweight chair a sensible preference. Be prepared to spend anywhere from $500-3000 for a good sports wheelchair. Manufacturers offer custom-built sports wheel chairs to suit both the athlete and the sport. This means that sports chairs are not usually covered by insurance and are expensive. They range from $2,000 to $8,000.
Many athletes are already using sports wheelchairs in competitions because of their quick maneuverability. Aside from using sports wheelchairs on games, a number of people are using it for their everyday use. They are usually made of aluminum so they are easy to propel and get in and out of cars.
If you have been already involved in sports, you may have your own standards in choosing sports wheelchairs suited to your needs. At that time you already know the features you wanted. If you still don’t have the idea, you can attend a wheelchair sporting event to see what the other athletes are using.
If you want to save a penny, you can purchase a used sports wheelchair instead of a new one. The only drawback of this is that it was customized to fit their first owner and may not suit your needs. Nevertheless, this can be a great alternative.
With any sports you are engaged in – you can make a high intensity impact with sports wheelchairs. They are tough, solid and lightweight. They are also precisely fit for your specifications. Now you have the right reason to max out your adrenaline and play sports seriously. You’re going to love your performance. You’re going to love the game!